About Us

theDevMasters is owned by GBCS LLC, a data science & artificial intelligence consulting group. It was founded in 2012 and formerly known as codecamp5. We provide educational Applied Labs for data scientists, machine learning engineers, & artificial intelligence engineers. Our data science courses are designed to cover the gap between academic learning and demand in the market. No matter you are education enhancer, salary booster or career changer: we can help you to achieve the goal from scratch at the shortest time. As for business, businesses have been able shortened their training and mentoring time for employees.

Why theDevMasters

The goal of theDevMasters is to build next generation entrepreneur data scientist. Our mentor team is composed of experienced industry professionals. They understand there is a very large gap between theoretical study, certification and real job requirements in the current economy. In our Applied Labs, you have live people to ask questions to and solve your data science questions. What is more, we allow the student to repeat the class multiple times with different cohorts; we believe that learning to practice & ultimately perfection happens only when you are allowed to repeat the material.

Meet Your Mentors

Our mentors are highly experienced professionals. They have spent many years in the industry delivering various technology projects. They understand the skill set required for data science professionals to be successful at their jobs. They focus from the high level project scope all the way down to the coding and debugging for your programming requirements. Our mentors can help you get real time project experience, make you understand the data science development life cycle and help you learn technology delivery processes.

Our data science mentors do a complete code assessment of your programming & statistical skills and help you improve to obtain the highest skill level possible. In our experience, 90% of work in data science requires a mindset & mentality towards problems that only those with experience can teach you.

Our Team

Arshad KhanArshad Khan

Founder / Chief Scientist

Arshad Khan is an entrepreneur, enterprise architect with 15-plus years of software development experience. His MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and BE (CSE) have opened doors for him at fortune 500 companies like Bank of America for more than a decade. Arshad has multiple certifications in various technology platforms. He has devoted himself to educating, improving and fine-tuning skill sets for superior rapid employment advancement. he is the founder for sports data science platform eSportsDNA. He has being CTO for various software companies like cumulus data and co-credits.

Sidy DaniokoSidy Danioko

Senior Data Scientist

Sidy Danioko is a Senior Data Scientist with theDevMasters. He has three Master’s degrees in Computational Physics, Mathematics, & Financial Engineering. This type of drive & passion has gained him countless useful data science related technical skills as well as personal skills. Yet his true happiness & desire is to teach.

Igor Morais Igor Morais

Senior Data Scientist

Igor Morais holds a pos-PhD from the UCR in the study of statistics applied to finance and big data and a Master in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by theDevMaster. If you need his expertise right away, you will probably find him surfing in a beach nearby.

Jay MairsJay Mairs

Data Scientist

Jay is one of the Data Scientist at theDevMasters. He has more than 20 years of experience as a Software Developer. He has more than a million downloads in a house surveillance app he created.

Joseph J. AlbericiJoseph J. Alberici

Managing Consultant 

Joseph J. Alberici is President and CEO of Inroads, LLC. He is also managing consultant for The Dev Masters. He was formerly President of Track Ceramics, President of Advanced Communication acquired by Track Communication and President of Transtech. With twenty-seven years as a successful entrepreneur, his strengths include creating high-performance, results-oriented work groups. Joe has lead teams at several advanced technology companies including American Technical Ceramics, Murata Erie N.A., Trans Tech / Alpha Industries, Advanced Communications, and Track Ceramics. Joe received his BS in Physics from New York Institute of Technology. Past President of the entrepreneur council of Frederick, Maryland.

Alan LevinAlan Levin

Senior Technical Project Manager

Alan Levin holds a Bachelors in Mathematics from California State University Northridge and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. He has over seven years experience in software development and has been developing business ASP.NET web applications for the last seven years. He is one of Lead instructor in our Applied Labs. He manages various projects like eSportsDNA,  SmartCone , Lelands and Sizeproperty. He is with our parent company GBCS LLC for more than 3 years. He has being lead instructor for more than 3 years. He has gone over beyond to mentor few student just out of his passion.

Emerson MachadoEmerson Machado

Senior Data Scientist Phd (Machine Learning)

Emerson is a Data Scientist at theDevMasters specializing Machine Learning. He performs in research and development projects using not only the scientific methodology to guide my work but also the right set of programming languages that best suits each specific problem. Currently, his focus is in data science projects using machine learning to build predictive models for recommender systems. His background includes a Ph.D. in machine learning, M.Sc. in data mining, and bachelors in Computer Science.

Zia KhanZia Khan

Senior Data Scientist / Lead Instructor 

Zia Khan is our Senior Data Scientist at theDevMasters. He frequently is the instructor for the beginning Python classes in our programs as well as the instructor for the remaining few classes. He joined us from Bell Canada after 12+ years as a cloud architect & finds California to be pleasant when sunny.

Michael SanchezMichael Sanchez

Marketing Head / Program Coordinator

Michael has 10 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Strategic Management.
He has experience in Software / API Platform Sales. Previously employed at Uniregistry, a Domain Name Registrar based out of the Cayman Islands.

Mary TroianiMary Troiani

Cognitive Scientist / Applied Labs Assistant Instructor 

Mary received her Bachelors in Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University with a minor in Psychology. She is a wonderful team member to work with & has the drive & passion to really truly explain complex algorithms to those who otherwise would not understand.

Mo KhadraMo Khadra

Data Scientist

Mohammad is a Data Scientist with theDevMasters; he holds Bachelor’s degree in computer science and MBA with concentration of international business from Washington State University, he has more than 14 years of experience in technology and wireless communication, led many projects domestically and internationally, his passionate about machine learning and how it can improve human life, becoming a mentor is one of his dreams, and helping others and educating them about the power of data and how it can improve their business efficiency and productivity.

Allen FullerAllen Fuller

Director of Recruiting

Al is a seasoned IT recruiter & has contributed to many companies’ best teams. When he is not playing tennis in the sunny Orange County weather, he is assisting our program graduates with resume revisions, interview questions, & prepping other demands for interested jobs.

Kate TaKate Ta

Data Scientist

Kate received her Bachelors in Probability & Statistics from CSU Fullerton, where she dabbled enough in business classes to really apply her statistical knowledge. Her current specialization is machine learning with simulation of data as her niche. Data science was easily the path for her once she graduated. She has a notorious sweet tooth, but will definitely choose data over sugar.

Paulina EscodaPaulina Escoda

Digital Marketing

Paulina has a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from Spain & studied in Project Management and Marketing from UCI. She joined theDevMasters after finishing her studies. She loves the warm weather from South California but misses cold Christmas.

Our Awards

Small Business Award Specialty School Special Education