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Global Impact: The Dev Masters and Arshad Khan's Media Presence Across SEA, APAC, Middle East, and USA.

The Dev Masters and Arshad Khan have made waves in the AI, Machine Learning, and Tech industry, establishing a robust media presence across SEA, APAC, the Middle East, and the USA. 

Media presence of TDM (TheDevMasters) and Mr. Arshad Khan



TDM ranks among the Top 10 best data science bootcamps for career advancement.

CIO connects enterprise CIOs and tech executives, providing insights into business strategy, innovation, and career development. It emphasizes skills growth and digital transformation within businesses. Read More.....

TDM ranks Top 10 Data Science Bootcamps by CIO



Arshad K.  addresses about AI and ML at Los Angeles CTO Roundtable

InfoQ is a website that provides news, articles, podcasts, and eMagazines on various topics including responsible AI, data engineering, architectures, trends reports, and DevOps. Read More.....

Arshad Khan addresses about AI and ML at Los Angeles CTO Roundtable



Arshad Khan, Chief Scientist/CEO at The Dev Masters, Sparks AI Insights at IDEAS 2019 Conference.

IDEAS likely focuses on fostering collaboration, innovation, and development in the fields of data engineering and data science, possibly through research, education, conferences, and other professional development activities. Read More.....

Arshad Khan, Chief Scientist/CEO at TDM (TheDevMasters), Sparks AI Insights at IDEAS 2019 Conference.



Arshad Khan, CEO/Founder, Unleashes AI Insights at RMDS Global Conference.

GRMDS strives to foster a sense of unity in the global community. The organization seeks to motivate data scientists to collaborate with one another and to engage actively within the worldwide ecosystem. Read More.....

Arshad Khan, , CEO/Founder of TDM (TheDevMasters) Unleashes AI Insights at RMDS Global Conference.



Empowering Minds: Brandman University and theDevMasters Join Forces for AI Certificate.

Brandman University and theDevMasters have partnered to provide a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, aiming to enhance the resilience of working Californians by offering an AI program. Read More.....



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TDM to develop real estate sector in Cambodia using advance AI.

In the real estate sector of Cambodia, AI is poised to make significant advancements and drive growth. On 11 March 2020, an MOU was signed between Mr. Him Seyha, director of Z1 Data Co., LTD (Cambodia), and Mr. Arshad Khan, CEO of The DevMasters, to facilitate this transformation. Read More....

 TDM(theDevMasters) partner ship program with Z-1 news



Game-Changing Move: Z1 Data Co., Ltd Appoints Arshad Khan as Chairman.

On March 7, 2022, at Raffles Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh, Z1 Data Co., Ltd made an official announcement about the appointment of Arshad Khan as the company's Chairman. Read More....




TDM ready to bring real estate data to consumers.

TheDevMasters is  prepared to provide real estate data directly to consumers, with Z1 Data serving as a subsidiary of VTrust Appraisal Co Ltd. Read More....

TDM (theDevMasters) implemented Advanced AI in Real Estate sector in cambodia


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Z1 Data and The DevMasters Join Forces to Research and Analyze Real Estate Data in Cambodia.

On March 11, 2020, in Cambodia, a Memorandum of Understanding was established with The DevMasters to conduct research and analyze real estate data in the country. Read More....

Z1 Data and TDM(theDevMasters) Partnership to Research and Analyze Real Estate Data in Cambodia.



Yelp rated TDM's bootcamp as one of the best Bootcamps to Join.

Yelp is an online platform and mobile app that connects users with local businesses through reviews and ratings, helping people discover and decide on the best places and services. Read More....

Yelp rated TDM(theDevMasters) bootcamp as one of the best Bootcamps to Join.



TDM Launches Multiple Transformative Generative AI Development and Consulting Services

Established as a premier platform, PRLog is dedicated to elevating the online presence of businesses and organizations, ranging from burgeoning startups to esteemed large-scale entities Read More....

The DevMasters Launches Transformative Generative AI Development and Consulting Services


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Find TDM at the ORG.

TheDevMasters is an education company providing instruction in data science and machine learning. Read More....

TDM(theDevMasters) at the ORG



Prestigious Course Report awarded TDM the best Data Science Bootcamp, 2020.

Course Report: Immersive tech education authority cited in top publications. In-depth research, coding trends, student stories, podcasts, and alumni reviews help you find the perfect bootcamp. Read More....

TDM(theDevMasters) awarded the best Data Science Bootcamp



TDM, gets 4.97/5 Star rating by Switchup.

SwitchUp, since 2014, connects students to top-rated tech bootcamps for successful career paths. 20,000 verified reviews help aspiring students compare coding, data science, and web design options. They identify bootcamps with the best job outcomes. Read More....

Switch best bootcamp award to TDM(theDevMasters)


World Summit BMWS 19

Machine Learning to Support Visual Inspection in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.

The Biomanufacturing World Summit unites biomanufacturing leaders, tech providers, and media for a top North American biologics event, focusing on technical operations and cutting-edge technologies. Read More....

TDM(theDevMasters) Biomanufacturing World Summit BMWS 19


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TDM took the stage to guide the world about AI at Techstars IE Startup Week 2018.

Techstars: Techstars is a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. It operates startup accelerator programs in various cities globally. Read More....

TDM(theDevMasters) to guide the world about AI at Techstars IE Startup Week 2018


SCF 2019

TDM at 2019 Federation Services Conference: Keynote Panel Sessions

ICWS: Globally Recognized Forum for Researchers and Industry Practitioners in Web Services. Read More....

TDM(theDevMasters)  at 2019 Federation Services Conference SFC 2019


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Transforming Businesses Globally Through Generative AI

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