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TDM Machine Learning technology gathers data from equipment sensors, analyzes it, estimates optimal maintenance plan, and detects defects.

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About Us

TDM is an artificial intelligence company with GBCS as a parent holding company founded in 2012. Early founders created an artificial intelligence community to understand and solve global issues through AI powered solutions. In a few years  TDM  hosted data science workshops , meetups, educational seminars and Bootcamps. In person they have impacted 10k professionals in regions of  Orange county, Los Angeles, San Diego county. Moreover, over 2.5 millions of professionals are influenced by TDM contributions globally. 

TDM also emerged as a Bootcamp style applied labs concept by high end professional with masters, PhDs in different disciplines to meet challenges through AI & Data Science. TDM also focuses on educating enterprises, C Suite to meet their goals and expectations. TDM obtained a position in a list of top 10 Ed-tech ranking in private rating group 2018, 2019 respectively. 

TDM focus is always on innovation, product building using Data Science, AI. TDM opened up their Joint Venture program that includes AI based innovation partnership programs with various high and medium level enterprises.

TDM explored 4 business verticals and got prominent success Medical, Fashion, Real estate, Education. Applying the Joint Venture model they expanded their presence globally to the United States of America, South East Asia, etc.

During the pandemic of 2019-2020, TDM took bold steps in expanding in the SEA region by building partnerships with banks, real estate companies, educational institutions, and AI related industries. The Edtech department of TDM introduced their product Twilight, an AI based LPS platform that helped a lot of small and mid sized education institutions in APAC(Asia-Pacific). Twilight was deployed at Enterprise level/university level.

TDM also did partnerships with big players of Healthcare, Real Estate, Education institute, etc. TDM developed an AI powered solution “Sobberbuddy” to fight alcoholism and support rehab , 
It also partnered with In-look fashion AI to provide AI algorithms to find the right makeup for women and empowered them.

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Our Team

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Arshad Khan
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Arshad Khan is the founder and Chief Scientist for theDevMasters; and a lifetime entrepreneur, with 15-plus years of technology architecture, design, leadership in software development within the artificial intelligence industry. He has Bachelor in Engineering Computer Science with concentration into artificial intelligence. He has MIT professional Education in Data Science & Machine Learning. His background in CSAI concentration has opened doors for him at fortune 500 companies like JAG, and Bank of America. Arshad is also part of MIT Sloan Executive Education - Management & Leadership in AI for business. He has devoted himself to a global cause of improving human life through education using artificial intelligence, Improving and fine-tuning skill sets for superior rapid problem-solving skills for entrepreneurs.

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Sidy Danioko
Chief Data Scientist

Sidy Danioko is a Senior Data Scientist with theDevMasters. He has three Master’s degrees in Computational Physics, Mathematics, & Financial Engineering. This type of drive & passion has gained him countless useful data science related technical skills as well as personal skills. Yet his true happiness & desire is to teach.

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Razia Zeb
Advisory Board Member

Razia is passionate about connecting the world with technology. She has lead global operations in various industries: fashion, manufacturing, real estate home interiors, her creativity with engineering and proficiency as mathematician. She brings 25 pulse years of experience into management and leadership. She has unique prospective of understanding Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance and factory Production with human emotional intelligence. This makes her a unique combination as an executive. She thrives in multi-culture workplaces with multinational brands, across Asia, Europe and America. She is very passionate about her family specially her two young boys who are highly competitive and sporty like her.

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Kate Ta
Data Scientist

Kate received her Bachelors in Probability & Statistics from CSU Fullerton, where she dabbled enough in business classes to really apply her statistical knowledge. Her current specialization is machine learning with simulation of data as her niche. Data science was easily the path for her once she graduated.

Jay Mairs
Data Scientist

Jay is one of the Data Scientist at theDevMasters. He has more than 20 years of experience as a Software Developer. He has more than a million downloads for a house surveillance app he created.

Derek B Moore
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Darek is experienced industry professional guide, support, and recommend Azure-based Solutions. work with customers to deploy workloads into Azure, maximize investment Mobile First, Cloud First - help businesses accelerate the benefits derived from Microsoft products and technologies to undergo Digital Transformation Implement and solve problems related to Microsoft Azure and its components (Networking, Compute, Storage) deliver presentations, discuss Microsoft Azure

Emerson Machado
Senior Data Scientist Phd, Machine Learning

Emerson is a Data Scientist at theDevMasters specializing Machine Learning. He performs in research and development projects using not only the scientific methodology to guide my work but also the right set of programming languages that best suits each specific problem. Currently, his focus is in data science projects using machine learning to build predictive models for recommender systems. His background includes a Ph.D. in machine learning, M.S. in data mining, and bachelors in Computer Science.

Zafer Acar
Senior Data Scientist

Zafer is a graduate from CSU Northridge with a degree in Astrophysics and earned a certificate at the university's National Science Foundation Data Science Program. Zafer has a vast amount of experience in Machine Learning with Big Data and is both an instructor for theDevMasters as well as a full time practitioner working in the public and private sectors.

Noah Ferrel
Noah Ferrel
Data Scientist

At theDevMasters, you'll find Noah Ferrel, a skilled data scientist hailing from Orange, California, United States. With a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a master's degree in Data and Computational Science, Noah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

Mo Khadra
Data Scientist

Mohammad is a Data Scientist with theDevMasters; he holds Bachelor’s degree in computer science and MBA with concentration of international business from Washington State University, he has more than 14 years of experience in technology and wireless communication, led many projects domestically and internationally, his passionate about machine learning and how it can improve human life, becoming a mentor is one of his dreams, and helping others and educating them about the power of data and how it can improve their business efficiency and productivity.

Mary Troiani
Cognitive Scientist

Mary received her Bachelors in Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University with a minor in Psychology. She is a wonderful team member to work with & has the drive & passion to really truly explain complex algorithms to those who otherwise would not understand.

Murat Avsar
Board Member

Murat is a senior Information Technology Leader with significant domestic and international experience in large manufacturing, distribution, financial, insurance, legal and non-profit public companies and got the passion for the design, development, and delivery of advanced technology solutions. He leverages robust knowledge of application solutions and strong project management and team-building skills to drive onshore and offshore IT teams in the completion of multiple and concurrent small to large capital projects.

Delcy Lagones Anglim
Delcy Lagones de Anglim
Management Consultant

Delcy Lagones de Anglim is a prominent international dispute resolution lawyer with a career spanning over 29 years. She specializes in cross-border disputes and has extensive experience in international trade, investment, and commercial law across South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Delcy has worked with prestigious organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations, contributing to dispute resolution and international trade law initiatives. She is a multilingual expert and currently collaborates with DevMasters and Founder Mr. Arshad Khan on global projects in Dubai, Riyadh, and beyond.

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Our mission is to bring the power of AI to every business.

We are a professional services firm delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

Focusing on predictive analytics, natural processing, and customer vision, we help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes & be more cost-efficient. This is ensured by our proprietary technologies, exceptional customer care, constant investment into talent development and R&D.

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Transforming Businesses Globally Through Generative AI

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