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Generative AI 1.5 trillion dollars potential skill shift and automation for Data Scientist, AI Professional and Software engineering by 2030 By Mckinsey Consulting

Irvine, California

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The Biggest Gathering of 'AI Leaders Experts'

Dive into one of the top 10 ranked ai bootcamps globally, meticulously designed to equip you with the dynamic skill sets required for the booming AI industry. By 2030,gen AI is projected to be a staggering $4.4 trillion industry, and we're committed to ensuring you're not just a spectator but a leading participant. Get ready to harness the future and transform your professional trajectory with our comprehensive,hands-on training. Secure your place in the future of AI

Generative AI Event & Classes

What you will learn?

  • Generative AI Tools and Techniques
    You will learn that OpenAI's GPT models serve as text generators. Additionally, we utilize RNNs such as LSTM and GRU to generate word sequences. In the context of image generation, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) excel at creating realistic images.Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) are valuable for generating diverse versions of existing images. These tools enable AI to create text, images, and more, catering to various applications across different domains.

  • Generative AI : Fundamental Concepts and Strategies
    We begin with fundamental concepts like "Generative Models," which are the core tools for creating content. They learn from "Training Data," real-world information, to generate new things. Think of "Latent Space" as a special creative room for AI. As for strategies, "Discriminative vs. Generative Models" guide the AI on what to do, and "GANs and Adversarial Training" help it make realistic content. "Variational Autoencoders (VAEs)" work to create different versions of things. These tools are like the AI's toolbox, making text, images, and more for different job

  • Real-World AI Applications and Use Cases
    AI is making a big impact in various real-world fields. In healthcare, it's helping diagnose diseases and discover new drugs. Finance benefits from AI in trading and fraud detection. Autonomous vehicles are driven by AI, making them safe and smart. For customer service, AI chatbots provide quick support. In the energy sector, AI optimizes power grids and predicts energy use. In agriculture, it's used for precision farming and pest detection, helping growers save resources and boost crop yields. These are just some of the practical ways AI is improving different industries.

  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    Ethics in artificial intelligence is a vital concern. "Bias and Fairness" highlights the need for AI to be fair and not favor any particular group. "Misinformation and Deepfakes" remind us of AI's power to create false content, which can harm trust and security. "Privacy" is essential, as AI often uses personal data, and safeguarding it is a must. "Ownership and Copyright" bring up issues of who owns content created by AI, ensuring creators' rights are respected as AI becomes more creative and influential in various sectors.

  • Readiness the AI Skill Shift
    AI skill shift is crucial. "Skill Expansion" means always learning about new AI trends. "Deep Learning Proficiency" is about mastering the core of AI. "Model Specifics" focus on understanding various AI models. "Real-World Applications" is where you apply AI skills to solve practical problems in different fields. "Problem-Solving" is at the heart of it, using AI to tackle real-world issues. The key is to keep learning and adapt to AI's changing landscape to succeed in various roles and industries.

TDM Recognition & Credibility

TDM Recognition & Credibility

How Joining the AI Data Science Webinar Will Boost Your
Career and Skill:

  • MIT Experts
    Learn from AI experts & leaders who attended MIT CISAL labs and industry leaders who bring years of practical experience to the classroom.

  • Project-based learning
    Engage in a round table discussion and gain real-time, 100% hands-on experience on interactive projects.

  • Access to a Trusted Source
    TDM's standing in the industry as a trusted education and consulting provider assures learners of receiving credible and reliable knowledge.

  • Customized Learning Paths
    Whether you are a newcomer exploring the possibilities of AI or an industry expert seeking to enhance your skills, TDM's tailored programs cater to all levels of expertise.

  • Applied Labs
    Each individual will get guidance and assistance from three industry leaders(Mathematical, Technological, Business) one by one. TDM's commitment to practical learning ensures that learners gain proficiency in applying AI concepts to real-world scenarios.

Meet our Expert Speakers

Arshad K. Follow me on LinkedIn

Founder Chief AI product & Innovation

Sidy Danioko

Chief Data Scientist

Nannan Peng

Data Scientist

Video Testimonial

Being as a mobile app developer with a math and physics background. The data science boot camp was a perfect fit. The mix of classes and hands-on projects was enlightening. Learning data prep, modeling, deep learning, and Amazon ML was transformative. Thanks to the TDM team for this incredible journey.                               

Jay Mairs

Data Scientist at SUSTANY CAPITAL

I'm Tiffany, and I switched from a regulatory affairs job to become a Global Master Data Specialist. I was new to coding and felt a bit overwhelmed. However, Dev Masters helped me learn by doing real projects, which boosted my confidence. I recommend it because the team is patient and the experts of data science are so knowledgeable.

Tiffany Ornelas

Global Master Data Specialist and Entrepreneur

I'm Russ, an insurance pro with a PhD from UCLA. Uncertain about academia, I explored data science with Dev Masters. Small classes and hands-on projects were fantastic. Learning by doing, especially in machine learning and feature engineering, stood out. This program is great for anyone entering data science from various backgrounds.

Ross Cheung

Air Quality Specialist

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TheDevMasters HQ – Irvine Campus

TDM Head Quarter is located at 17875 Von Karman Ave, Suite 122 | Irvine, CA 92614. The school facility is approximately 840 square feet with sufficient parking available in the front of the building.

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