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AI Management Consulting

TDM is an AI consulting firm that creates AI-driven services that will allow your business to fully utilize the collected data.
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Artificial intelligence consultants at TDM assist firms in developing and implementing AI and machine learning strategies. These services can range from simple to complex, such as assisting a client in understanding how automation and machine learning may benefit their business, creating and developing machine learning algorithms for complex processes.

TDM’s Approach to Data Analytics and AI

Data and analytics promote growth in the appropriate setting with the right enablers. We create fully data-driven products/solution by building the strategic, technological, and human skills needed to transform businesses from vision to value.

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Artificial intelligence for businesses

Businesses have been revolutionized by AI and machine learning, and they will remain so for a very long time. Implementing AI into corporate environments reduces time spent on repetitive processes, increases staff productivity, and improves the entire customer experience across marketing, operations, and sales. Additionally, it aids with error prevention and crisis detection.

It really is no surprise that organizations are utilizing it across all operations, and you ought to do the same. Do you wish to create your own AI? You may schedule a demo call with our team to learn how to automate time-consuming everyday routines and company processes.

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Machine Learning helping businesses

Businesses may use machine learning to analyze data and make better decisions about pricing and inventory. Retailers will use machine learning to propose items to customers based on their prior behavior as personalization becomes more widespread.

Fortune Business Insights has recently published an article, estimating that the machine learning industry will reach nearly $153 billion by 2027 – a massive growth rate compared to the $15.50 billion in 2021. And all that happened for less than a decade! We could barely imagine what it would all be like in 2050.

What can TDM’s Artificial intelligence consulting do for you?

We combine our extensive domain and industry experience with our array of strategy, design, architecture, data, systems integration, program operations, and risk services. You need creative system-level orchestration of robotic, intelligent, and autonomous capabilities if you want to benefit from AI. There are five non-discrete domains where this transition can take place:

  • Deeper insights can be gained more quickly and in ways that improve human cognition.
  • Performance: Create systems that adapt over time based on data and experience to produce better results.
  • Utilize robotic autonomous, and intelligent capabilities to automate processes and change operations.
  • Enhance human experiences through the use of systems that can predict, perceive, learn, and move.
  • Design construct, and keep track of automated methods that foster and maintain trust

Our Clients & Partners

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Meet TDM's Experts

  • Ellipse 19

    Sidy Danioko

    Chief Data Scientist

  • noah-2-1

    Noah Ferrel

    Data Scientist

  • nannan-2-1

    Nannan Peng

    Data Scientist

  • Brooks-2-1

    Brooks Musangu

    Scientific research

  • 13

    Kate Ta

    Data Scientist

  • jay (1)

    Jay Mairs

    Data Scientist

  • 1558486595495

    Derek B Moore

    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  • 7

    Emerson Machado

    Senior Data Scientist Phd, Machine Learning

  • Zafer (1)

    Zafer Acar

    Senior Data Scientist

  • 12

    Mo Khadra

    Data Scientist

  • 9

    Mary Troiani

    Cognitive Scientist

  • jaime-1

    Jaime Gabriel Jingc

    Senior Technical Lead

  • Alison-1

    Alison Bunce

    Product Development Designer UI/UX Consultant

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