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Data and Analytics

Although investing in cutting-edge technologies and algorithms might provide businesses a significant competitive advantage, it is still necessary. Rewiring decision-making and operations is necessary to extract value
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Utilize our AI development services and product to streamline your business procedures and solve challenging issues. Our specialists build AI models that accelerate decision-making and automate monotonous operations. Additionally, we use cutting-edge generative AI models like (ChatGPT) and Stable Diffusion, opening up fresh possibilities for automation and improvement.

TDM Approach for Business products

Use our AI development services to simplify your company's operations and find products to complex problems. Our experts create AI models that expedite decision-making and automate repetitive tasks. We also employ state-of-the-art generative AI models, Stable Diffusion, and latest technologies which creates new opportunities for automation and advancement.

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TDM App Development expertise

Custom AI/ML development services from TDM help companies rethink their operations while creating insightful data, streamlining operations, and discovering novel patterns to boost productivity. Utilize our experience in AI to build high-end solutions..

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Machine Learning

Our group of machine learning experts collaborates with clients to mine unstructured data from diverse sources for valuable information that will aid in the development of their businesses.

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Deep Learning

For enhanced speech and facial recognition, automation, and business intelligence, we use deep learning-based solutions. Deep learning is also used to automate predictive analytics, analyzing trends and consumer buying behaviors.

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Data Science

Our data scientists excel in providing predictive analytics and cutting-edge AI techniques for particular corporate use cases and are specialists in data science development services and products.

TDM Products backed by custom AI

We create unique artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as voice assistants, voice recognition, game AI, anomaly detection, autonomous systems, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and sentiment analysis, that increase brand awareness and increase productivity.

We have built various Al solutions and tools that have set the seeds for business transformation in several enterprises. We undertake in-depth investigation of a corporation, analyze its deficiencies to design agile and efficient solutions.

Achieve never-before-seen levels of inventions with the best of both operating together at rapid speed and remarkable efficiency.

Our Clients & Partners

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Bakersfield Racquet Club
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Meet TDM's Experts

  • Ellipse 19

    Sidy Danioko

    Chief Data Scientist

  • noah-2-1

    Noah Ferrel

    Data Scientist

  • nannan-2-1

    Nannan Peng

    Data Scientist

  • Brooks-2-1

    Brooks Musangu

    Scientific research

  • 13

    Kate Ta

    Data Scientist

  • jay (1)

    Jay Mairs

    Data Scientist

  • 1558486595495

    Derek B Moore

    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  • 7

    Emerson Machado

    Senior Data Scientist Phd, Machine Learning

  • Zafer (1)

    Zafer Acar

    Senior Data Scientist

  • 12

    Mo Khadra

    Data Scientist

  • 9

    Mary Troiani

    Cognitive Scientist

  • jaime-1

    Jaime Gabriel Jingc

    Senior Technical Lead

  • Alison-1

    Alison Bunce

    Product Development Designer UI/UX Consultant

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