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Gain Access to Unlimited Potential with Data Science and AI

Implement Al and Data Science at scale and establish your end-to-end data supply chain for seamless data processing and analysis.
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Incorporate data insights into decision-making

Control the complexity of your data and convert current systems into a platform for next-generation data. Consolidate monitoring and drive exponential value with a self-service console to ingest, manage, and optimize data and analytics.

AI management Consulting

Discover the true potential of your business with the latest AI and machine learning methods and beat the competition.

Data Strategy

Reconsider how to centralize, manage, and control the data flow through Master Data Management services by TDM.

Product Design

Get customizable Ai powered solutions as per your business needs. TDM helps you to achieve your business goals.

Why Data Science and AI are Important for businesses

By examining consumer feedback, examining market trends, comparing two goods, and selecting the best products that can draw customers and keep them for a longer period of time, data science aids in the development of user-centric products.

Data Driven Predictive Maintenance

The more sources of data are used to identify patterns, the higher the accuracy of failure prediction is achieved. Clues can be found in the most unexpected sources.

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Why to choose TDM for Data Science

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Industry specializations

Initiatives in data science and industrial AI usually rely on domain knowledge for their commercial success, at least as much as they do on statistical and machine learning skills. Grid Dynamics offers professionals, plans, and starter kits that are laser-focused for particular business processes and industries including retail, manufacturing, and finance.

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Expert data scientist

It has taken us more than 10 years to establish a global network of data engineering and data science specialists. As a consequence, we have no trouble finding the best candidates for data science projects and can offer our clients a wide range of options regarding the location and composition of engineering and consulting teams.

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ROI models

At TDM, we place a high priority on delivering dependable business value to our clients. We have established original ROI models to speed up routine data science engagements and reference implementations that allow us to swiftly evaluate a number of traditional models and approaches.

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Cutting-edge technology

We invest a lot of energy in research on business AI challenges, looking at how the most recent developments in computer vision, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other areas may be used for use cases in marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and IT. Our ability to offer really innovative and extraordinarily effective solutions is made possible by this effort and our particular industry experience.

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