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The AI-powered LMS built for enterprise

Our flagship AI learning management system delivers sharp design, even sharper functionality, and the flexibility to scale for any team or use case.
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Digital Education Platform Applications

Our powerful configuration engine lets you create audience-specific pages using flexible, drag-and-drop functionality to get your learning programs up and running fast.
Leverage free extensions, like certifications, automation, e-commerce, custom domains, audit trail, gamification, and more to configure your LPS(Learning Paradigm Shift) to your exact use case.

Customer education, partner enablement, and retention done right

Deliver and sell online courses to multiple external audiences with a single LMS solution designed to support all stages of your customer lifecycle, drive product adoption, and build stronger partner channels.

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Drive growth with AI-based upskilling and reskilling

Take the guesswork out of employee upskilling and reskilling with automated, personalized learning that adjusts on the fly to align your employees’ learning needs with your business needs. So, as your employees grow, so does your business.

Create a learning culture with social learning

Go beyond the limits of formal training by bringing social learning and content curation into an LMS that drives business productivity and lets your subject matter experts shine.

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Work smarter, not harder, with AI

With virtual coaching, auto-tagging, and content suggestions, AI does the hard work for you. So your learners are more self-sufficient, learning paths are more personalized, and your admins have more time to focus on improving your programs instead of implementing them.

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TDM Digital Education Platform

Experience the power of TDM's advanced solutions, enabling you to stay current and elevate your education and training to new digital horizons. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Request a quotation now and unlock the potential of the future.

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