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Generative AI Simplified for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Generative AI Simplified for Entrepreneur, an ebook, aims to provide detailed information about generative AI, machine learning and LLMs. This book guides entrepreneurs about how to use generative AI to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue of their business.

"Generative AI Simplified for Entrepreneurs & Businesses"

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Generative AI Simplified for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

What is generative AI, and how can you use AI in your business?
Generative AI Simplified for Entrepreneurs & Businesses" by Arshad Khan explores the transformative power of Generative AI in business. It offers a comprehensive guide on leveraging AI for operational efficiency, creativity, and strategic decision-making.

This eBook Explores:

1.The book covers AI's history, ethical challenges, and practical applications, providing a roadmap for executives to integrate AI effectively and responsibly into various industries.
2. Discover how industry giants have already harnessed their power to engage customers, personalize recommendations, and optimize designs.
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“The visionary author Arshad Khan with 20+ years of experience in AI & Machine Learning believes the future of Generative AI is bright and full of possibilities. However, it comes with a responsibility to use this transformative technology ethically and responsibly. The comprehensive guide provided in this book offers a roadmap for business leaders, entrepreneurs to navigate this exciting journey. Generative AI has become a force for innovation, competitiveness, and positive change in the business world.”

Arshad Khan , Founder and CEO