Jay Mairs
Data Scientist at SUSTANY CAPITAL
Anton Vasilescu
Data Scientist at SUSTANY CAPITAL
Tiffany Ornelas
Global Master Data Specialist and Entrepreneur
Igor Morais
Head Of Research at Wise&Trust
Randy Nolden
Sales Engineering Manager at Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Mathavan Ramalingam
Quality Engineer, junior Data Scientist and Data Analyst
Ross Cheung
Air Quality Specialist
Muhammad Elnimr
Data Scientist at Einstein Assembly & theDevMasters
Claudia Rivera
IT Support at Nutrawise
Yannelly Sanchez
Data Scientist at Ria Financial
Phong Nguyen
Statistical Modeler at Amgen
Sidy Danioko
Data Scientist at Einstein Assembly & theDevMasters
Ahmad Sweed
Strategic Planning Analyst at DECRA Metal Roofing
Samer Rifai
Advanced troubleshooting at Spectrum

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“I have a serious interest in learning Python and not just from a superficial level, but I would really like to become proficient. I walked into the class unsure of what Python could do for me, and I walked out with a deeper interest and sincere appreciation. Your Applied Labs class is great stepping stone into helping me achieve that endeavor. I definitely learned a lot of practical knowledge that I am taking back to my work immediately. Furthermore, all the fundamentals that I think are needed in order for one person to start on that journey and be successful with Python are available in the class. Both weekends were amazing! I definitely appreciate that it was on a weekend, as this allowed me as a working professional to take full advantage of the time to ask questions, get involved in the curriculum and truly learn.”
Matthew Langford
-Irvine, CA
“I would not have been hired for my current job without the training and certification learned through The Dev Masters. One of the benefits of being a student at is their mentoring services. It leads in finding jobs and preparing for interviews. This gave me the confidence to do my best and land the job. ”
Farid Hassmi
-Cal State Fullerton, CA
“My name is German W Aparicio Jr and am a Project Manager at Gehry Technologies Inc, a Trimble company located in the Los Angeles area which provides consulting, strategic advisory and advanced project delivery services to leading owners, architects, engineers, builders, fabricators and industry professionals worldwide. I have both research and professional experience as a consultant for leading design engineering firms and universities. I received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and a Masters of Science in Architectural Studies (SMArchS) Design and Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
I chose theDevMasters because of the accelerated 6-week hands-on learning experience being offered and various topics covered in the Data Science field that would allow me to get up and running in a short amount of time.
I think the topics covered and real-world project examples are the most interesting but, working with and getting to know theDevMasters team through hands-on coaching, especially from Kate and Zia, was the most rewarding. I could have learned some of the same material online, books or other university programs but, getting face-to-face time and real-time replies to your questions from industry experts and practicing Data Scientist is unbeatable.
I recommend theDevMasters to anyone who is interested in getting an introduction to the Data Science field and interested in applied learning through real-world project examples in an accelerated fashion. theDevMasters is a great place to learn from industry experts and practicing Data Scientist through hands-on coaching.”
German Aparicio
 “After plodding along through various different online programs, I decided that I wanted some in person help, and instruction, and found Dev Masters. I ended up taking the Python Foundation Applied Lab, as well as the Python for Data Scientist Applied Labs. Both classes were lead by Jamie, and Arshad. While both classes were fast paced, all of the instructors were more than willing to help, and answer any/ all questions I had, and have even helped me out with projects that I was able to use at my actual job after the classes were completed. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning coding to try out Dev Masters!”
Ryan A.
– Newport Beach, CA
“I have a PhD in statistics applied to economics at UCR and I work in the financial market, with an Asset management in Brazil and another company focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in the UK. I chose to take the course in theDevMaster exactly because it is applied using techniques like ML and AI with python, which greatly contributed to the management of my business. Strongly recommend this activity.”
Igor Morais
Arjun Kholia data science student
“I was working as an Intern in IT where I did not see any future for my career. I wanted to switch my career to something interesting and promising such as Data Science. I was passionate about the field, but couldn’t push myself to work on projects by just going through online courses. I needed mentor-ship and training from industry experts.
I found Dev Masters and ended up taking the Mastering Applied Data Science. It helped me build a strong Foundation in Python and Machine Learning Concepts which are crucial part of data science learning. Although the classes are fast paced, the instructors are great & they answered all my queries. One of the great thing about applied labs is working on Projects which helped me a lot in honing my skills.I have implemented a lot of Python based data cleaning/data visualization skills in my current job position. I heavily recommend Dev Masters who is looking to switch careers in Data Science or Business Intelligence.”
Arjun Kholia
"Took the Applied Labs, “Python for data science” which was 4 days (2 days for python and 2 days for data science using python). The course covers python basics for people without a programming background. One of the good things about this applied lab is that they keep the audience low which enables them to adapt course content according to the crowd’s knowledge level in data science and programming. The instructors Jamie and Arshad were very helpful and guides you along the learning curve. They give support after the applied lab via email too. Also, one can attend a applied lab more than once and this is very useful. Even if a concept is not clear at the beginning, as we repeat the course, we understand it better. Overall, this applied lab is worth trying."
Pratibha Sundar
-Tustin, CA
Kathy Azarhoush data science student
“Following my first applied labs, I had so many questions and needed explanations on some of the subjects matters. Jaime and Gideon, Arshad assistants, were so accommodating and patient to set aside time out of their busy schedules to go over every single question that I had, they are also present at each applied lab to address the issues that each student may encounter. Still, I was offered to re-take the applied Lab free of charge, if that could work out for me. TheDevMasters is one of those places which makes every penny you spent worthwhile.”
Kathy Azarhoush
– Irvine, CA