Predictive Analytics


We power your business with accurate predictive analytics models

theDevMasters Labs builds predictive analytics solutions that help you anticipate future customer behavior and outcomes and steer your business in the right direction. Our services include data strategy consulting, custom machine learning model development, end-to-end predictive analytics software development.


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Churn prediction

Predict customer churn and take effective actions to retain the customer before it is too late.

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Recommendation system

Leverage machine learning to tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers.

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Customer segmentation

Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective customer marketing.

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Lifetime value optimization

Leverage CRM data with predictive analytics to optimize customer lifetime value.

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Dynamic pricing

Optimize your pricing strategies to stay competitive and reduce revenue leaks.

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Credit scoring

Use machine learning to improve quality of your credit scoring models.

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Demand forecasting

Respond to your business supply needs faster and more accurately.

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Marketing campaign optimization

Increasing marketing campaign profitability with predictive analytics.


Why work with us

We make it easy to build awesome text analysis software


Customizable solutions

We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.


State of the art models

We are always looking for new ways to improve our predictions and get the best possible results.


Scalable results

We plan for the future. Our solutions will grow with your business constantly increasing your capabilities.


Highly professional team

We are determined to pursue greatness in everything we do for our clients.