Our Team

Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan data scientistFounder / Chief Executive Officer

Arshad Khan is the founder and Chief Scientist for theDevMasters; and a lifetime entrepreneur, with 15-plus years of technology architecture, design, leadership in software development within the artificial intelligence industry. He has Bachelor in Engineering Computer Science with concentration into artificial intelligence. He has MIT professional Education in Data Science & Machine Learning. His background in CSAI concentration has opened doors for him at fortune 500 companies like JAG,  and Bank of America. Arshad is also part of MIT Sloan Executive Education - Management & Leadership in AI for business. He has devoted himself to a global cause of improving human life through education using artificial intelligence, Improving and fine-tuning skill sets for superior rapid problem-solving skills for entrepreneurs.


Sidy Danioko

Sidy Danioko about usCheif Data Scientist

Sidy Danioko is a Senior Data Scientist with theDevMasters. He has three Master’s degrees in Computational Physics, Mathematics, & Financial Engineering. This type of drive & passion has gained him countless useful data science related technical skills as well as personal skills. Yet his true happiness & desire is to teach. 

Razia Zeb

razia-1Advisory Board Member

Razia is passionate about connecting the world with technology. She has lead global operations in various industries: fashion, manufacturing, real estate home interiors, her creativity with engineering and proficiency as mathematician. She brings 25 pulse years of experience into management and leadership. She has unique prospective of understanding Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance and factory Production with human emotional intelligence. This makes her a unique combination as an executive. She thrives in multi-culture workplaces with multinational brands, across Asia, Europe and America. She is very passionate about her family specially her two young boys who are highly competitive and sporty like her..

Kate Ta

Kate Ta about us theDevMastersData Scientist

Kate received her Bachelors in Probability & Statistics from CSU Fullerton, where she dabbled enough in business classes to really apply her statistical knowledge. Her current specialization is machine learning with simulation of data as her niche. Data science was easily the path for her once she graduated.

Jay Mairs

Jay Mairs about us theDevMasters

Data Scientist

Jay is one of the Data Scientist at theDevMasters. He has more than 20 years of experience as a Software Developer. He has more than a million downloads for a house surveillance app he created.

Derek B Moore

1558486595495Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Darek is experienced industry professional guide, support, and recommend Azure-based Solutions. work with customers to deploy workloads into Azure, maximize investment Mobile First, Cloud First - help businesses accelerate the benefits derived from Microsoft products and technologies to undergo Digital Transformation Implement and solve problems related to Microsoft Azure and its components (Networking, Compute, Storage) deliver presentations, discuss Microsoft Azure

Emerson Machado

Emerson Machado about us theDevMastersSenior Data Scientist Phd, Machine Learning

Emerson is a Data Scientist at theDevMasters specializing Machine Learning. He performs in research and development projects using not only the scientific methodology to guide my work but also the right set of programming languages that best suits each specific problem. Currently, his focus is in data science projects using machine learning to build predictive models for recommender systems. His background includes a Ph.D. in machine learning, M.S. in data mining, and bachelors in Computer Science.

Zafer Acar

ZaferSenior Data Scientist

Zafer is a graduate from CSU Northridge with a degree in  Astrophysics and earned a certificate at the university's National Science Foundation Data Science Program. Zafer has a vast amount of experience in Machine Learning with Big Data and is both an instructor for theDevMasters as well as a full time practitioner working in the public and private sectors.. 

Mo Khadra

Mo Khandra about us theDevMastersData Scientist

Mohammad is a Data Scientist with theDevMasters; he holds Bachelor’s degree in computer science and MBA with concentration of international business from Washington State University, he has more than 14 years of experience in technology and wireless communication, led many projects domestically and internationally, his passionate about machine learning and how it can improve human life, becoming a mentor is one of his dreams, and helping others and educating them about the power of data and how it can improve their business efficiency and productivity.

Eric Yun

EricData Scientist

Eric is a graduate from UC Davis, with a Science degree. His specialty is NLP, with sentiment analysis. His drive and work ethic is second to none. He fully dedicated to the success of all our client projects..

Mary Troiani

Mary Troiani about us theDevMastersCognitive Scientist  

Mary received her Bachelors in Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University with a minor in Psychology. She is a wonderful team member to work with & has the drive & passion to really truly explain complex algorithms to those who otherwise would not understand.

Murat Avsar

Murat Avsar about us theDevMasters Board Member

Murat is a senior Information Technology Leader with significant domestic and international experience in large manufacturing, distribution, financial, insurance, legal and non-profit public companies and got the passion for the design, development, and delivery of advanced technology solutions. He leverages robust knowledge of application solutions and strong project management and team-building skills to drive onshore and offshore IT teams in the completion of multiple and concurrent small to large capital projects.

Clay Pereira

Clay Pereira about us theDevMastersAdvisory Board Member

Clay is former partner at eSportsDNA and now plays very active role on advisory board member of theDevMasters. He is serial enterpuner and investors having over 20 years experience into technlogy business and got some strong skills in social media marketing. His understanding of SEO, online advertising and solution selling is second to none.

Joseph J. Alberici

Joseph j. Alberici about us theDevMastersManaging Consultant 

Joe is President and CEO of Inroads, LLC. He is also managing consultant for theDevMasters. He was formerly President of Track Ceramics, President of Advanced Communication acquired by Track Communication and President of Transtech. With twenty-seven years as a successful entrepreneur, his strengths include creating high-performance, results-oriented work groups. Joe has lead teams at several advanced technology companies including American Technical Ceramics, Murata Erie N.A., Trans Tech / Alpha Industries, Advanced Communications, and Track Ceramics. Joe received his BS in Physics from New York Institute of Technology. Past President of the entrepreneur council of Frederick, Maryland.

Alan Levin

Alan Levin about us theDevMastersSenior Technical Project Manager

Alan Levin holds a Bachelors in Mathematics from California State University Northridge and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. He has over seven years experience in software development and has been developing business ASP.NET web applications for the last seven years. 

Janet Nkasiima


Janet is a corporate lawyer with a master of laws in International Commercial law and Arbitration. She has led implementation of regional and global projects in Africa and operations in various industries: corporations, law firms, international commercial arbitration, NGOs. She brings 5 pulse years of experience into international commercial law, operations and leadership. She has excellent and unique prospective of understanding corporate operations, leadership and commercial law, commercial arbitration with great interpersonal skills. She is very passionate learning new things every day, interacting with people and using the law to better the corporate world.

Quinn Royston

Quinn Royston about us theDevMastersDirector for business development

Quin is the Director of AI Business Strategy in theDevMasters. He is specialized in turning data into information through Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. With other Data Scientists, he struggles to determine opportunities in clients' data and building strategic partnerships.

Shada AlSalamah

Shada AlSalamah about us theDevMastersBoard Member

Dr. Shada Alsalamah is an MIT Fellow, entrepreneur, academic, public speaker, and a global patient advocate serving as a member of Board of Directors at theDevMasters. She is a contributor to the global healthcare sector modernization movement and policymaking through her work on secure, mobile, and intelligent solutions using emerging digital technologies such as wearable IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and open algorithms that solve local problems with the potential to have a global impact.

Rodolfo Suarez Perez

Rodolfo Suarez Perez about us theDevMastersProgram Coordinator

Rodolfo is working as a Program Coordinator at theDevMasters and is fully capable in planning, implementation and maintenance and tracking of programs. Rodolfo possess excellent communication skills in order to ensure maximum efficiency of programs. His ability to get into the details with clients as if he is part of their team, allows for accurate and realistic project planning.

Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez about us theDevMastersLMS business head

Working as the Program Director in theDevMasters, Mike is skilled in email marketing, sales management, customer retention and also in data science, natural language processing, deep-learning, computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His background of marketing and data science makes him a double threat who is able to recognize opportunities, make smart business decisions, and foster a creative environment for day-to-day operations.

Jaime Gabriel Jingc

Jaime Gabriel Jingco about us theDevMastersSenior Technical Lead

As a specialist in Python, Jaime is working as a Senior Technical Lead and Instructor at theDevMasters. Jaime is working with us for more than 6 years and he is fully dedicated to the client’s success. Armed with optimism and thoughtfulness in conversations, Jaime has the ability to integrate transformational ideas into proven strategy.


alisha khan  about us theDevMastersVice President Finance & Administration

Alisha is Finance Professional has more than 15 years of experience in finance and accounts. In the past she associates with EDS, EDs an HP Co, WNS and BMC software and has Strong understanding of accounting & financial principles processes and practices. Ensuring that the company's finance systems and processes, including payroll, are effective, up - to-date and operate in line with legislation and the requirements of external bodies. Assisting with the development and implementation of accounting procedures.

Karen Grigoryan

Karen Grigoryan about us theDevMastersProject Manager /Product Development (LMS)

Karen is an experienced operations manager, skilled project manager, and scrum.org Certified Product Owner, He got all these engineers and creatives to do their jobs properly and make the company run like a fine-oiled-tuned-well-great-oily-machine.

Alan Schalar

Alan Schalar about us theDevMastersVice President Software Development

Alan joined theDevMasters in 2014 as project manager and now acting as the Vice President of Product Management, making our objectives a reality. He has Successfully executed eSportsDNA Project and Responsible for overall coordination, development, implementation and management for various products and projects serving the specialized business and performance needs of both public and private sector organizations and markets. He has lead Product Development at theDevMasters by focusing on evolving technology areas. He has Strong focus on agile software development (Scrum/Kanban) SAAS Based, ERP's, CRM, Learning Platforms, Social Media Platforms and eCommerce projects.

Alison Bunce

Alison about us theDevMastersProduct Development Designer UI/UX Consultant

Alison is a Data Scientist and working as AI Product Division Lead at theDevMasters. She got the internationally recognized Certification for “Data Science with Deep Learning” and is specialized in Python, Stats, SQL, HTML, CSS, Advanced ML, 3 PBL, Kaggle. As a creative person, Alison helps others visualize what often seems beyond their grasp.

Elizabeth Paige

Paige-2Advisory Board Member

International business Leadership Africa , Turkey , Asia operated UNO National level leadership .

Brooks Musangu

Brooks-2Scientific research

I love digging into problems and solving them with modern technology. My research has allowed me to utilize knowledge of nuclear models, mathematics and algorithms to elucidate certain aspects of problems and I thoroughly enjoy the intellectual challenge. Harvard university Nuclear Physics  analysis methods for neural data


Noah Ferrel

noah-2Data Scientist

Credo ut intelligam – I believe so that I may understand.
Masters of Science in Data and Computational Science from Chapman University. Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science from Chapman University. I like Soccer, Hiking, Running, Computer Vision

Nannan Peng

nannan-2Data Scientist

Ph.D. Computational and Data Sciences, Chapman University, 2020- M.S. Behavioral and Computational Economics, Chapman University, 2018-2020 M.S. Finance, Sichuan University, 2015-2018 B.E. Materials Science, Anhui University of Science & Technology, 2011-2015 Responsibilities: Data analysis and model building.

About Us

theDevMasters is owned by GBCS LLC, a data science & artificial intelligence consulting group. It was founded in 2012 and formerly known as codecamp5. We provide educational Applied Labs for data scientists, machine learning engineers, & artificial intelligence engineers. Our data science courses are designed to cover the gap between academic learning and demand in the market. No matter you are education enhancer, salary booster or career changer: we can help you to achieve the goal from scratch at the shortest time. As for business, businesses have been able shortened their training and mentoring time for employees.

Why theDevMasters

The goal of theDevMasters is to build next generation entrepreneur data scientist. Our mentor team is composed of experienced industry professionals. They understand there is a very large gap between theoretical study, certification and real job requirements in the current economy. In our Applied Labs, you have live people to ask questions to and solve your data science questions. What is more, we allow the student to repeat the class multiple times with different cohorts; we believe that learning to practice & ultimately perfection happens only when you are allowed to repeat the material.

Meet Your Mentors

Our mentors are highly experienced professionals. They have spent many years in the industry delivering various technology projects. They understand the skill set required for data science professionals to be successful at their jobs. They focus from the high level project scope all the way down to the coding and debugging for your programming requirements. Our mentors can help you get real time project experience, make you understand the data science development life cycle and help you learn technology delivery processes.

Our data science mentors do a complete code assessment of your programming & statistical skills and help you improve to obtain the highest skill level possible. In our experience, 90% of work in data science requires a mindset & mentality towards problems that only those with experience can teach you.