We all know that learning can be really expensive. That's why theDevMasters wants to help you achieve your best and all your goals providing different scholarships that my apply to your situation. Scholarship do not stack. Check your options below and fill the form to get more information:


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The DevMasters Community discount

Students that previously attended an event through Eventbrite or Meetup are able to get up to a 5% discount.


Hardship Scholarship and financial assistance

TheDevMasters wants to help allay financial difficulties with financial assistance up to 20% so nothing stops you achieve all the knowledge.


Students Scholarship and financial assistance

Being in school can be costly, so we provide up to 20% scholarship to everyone that is currently in school.


Doctoral Scholarship

TheDevMasters offers up to 20% scholarship to students with a doctorate degree in any field. 


Veterans' Scholarship

TheDevMasters provides scholarships up to 10% to all persons with a military background and veterans.


Diversity Scholarship

TheDevMasters provides a scholarship up to 10% to underrepresented groups in technology, including but not limited to: women, minorities, LGBTQ and individuals with disabilities.