Class Introduction

Project Based Learning is data scientists working in a group to improve upon their skills by developing projects with hands-on experiences.

The purpose of Project Based Learning is to improve overall data science project experience & this includes statistical, programming, and business domain expertise. Projects are targeted but not limited to the follow domains: social media, e-commerce, finance, telecom, bioinformatics, real estate, technology, machine learning, recommender systems, visualization, Spark & Splunk, big data, deep learning, computer vision, & natural language processing & understanding.

Projects are run in three-set format: 1. Skill Assessment 2. End-to-End Development 3. Bring Your Own Data.

Class Duration: 6 weeks

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 10AM – 6PM

Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County

Price: $4995 (Financial options available)

Prerequisites and Requirements: Knowledge of Python & machine learning techniques, as well as
cleaning & processing information.

Do you offer certification? Yes

Why you should take this class?

  • Hands-on learning that is applicable for real-life projects
  • In-person instruction from the experts in the data science field
  • Well-networked with the data science community
  • You will receive a certificate and will get help on job recruitment

Additional FAQs about the course? N/A

How to Register? Fill the form or contact for more information regarding the course

Related Courses: N/A

Teachers & Credentials: N/A

Average Salary Post Graduation: N/A

Who is this class best suited for?

  • Someone looking to change their career
  • Someone looking to improve their knowledge and gain the skills to become Enhancer Master the skill and leverage themselves in the chosen field.
  • College student: Learn hands-on experience and fill the gap between school and real demand.

Class Size: 5:1, student-to-teacher ratio.



Any Questions Call : 888-713-9711

Project Based Learning

PROJECT 1: Skill Assessment

Students will apply the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) standard in a provided data set to understand the process behind starting a new project. We will recommend individual students to tackle different aspects of CRISP-DM that need more practice in, such as visualization, data understanding, or modeling.

PROJECT 2: End-to-End Development

Students will undertake a new project from start to finish. This project will allow students to demonstrate their skills in data acquisition, data cleaning, data enrichment, modeling, evaluation, and deployment.

PROJECT 3: Your Own Data

As a third project, theDevMasters encourages students to bring their own data in their chosen domain for additional mentoring. Since these projects might entail more opinions & guidance, theDevMasters will proceed to transfer the third project over to the Mastermind group.