Data Science with Machine Learning Internship Program

This internship program in Data Science with Machine Learning is hosted by Einstein Assembly ( ), a data science and artificial intelligence company specializing in machine learning.

Based on your background, we are going to restructure your learning needs into a lean version of our Applied Labs. This program is focusing on giving you enough tools do data science by using python. This program is for 4 days full-time expected to be around 40 hours of learning with our lead data scientist.

This program is initiating by theDevMasters ( The Dev Masters is Python and Data Science training company designed to help you master in-demand skills to get the job or advance your career in tech.

Data Science

Qualifications: Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degree in Data Science or related field.

There is a possibility we will hire from the candidates after the internship program and build Einstein Assembly together. There is no job guarantee.