Project Based Learning

Learning by doing


What is Project Based Learning Program?

Project Based Learning is a dynamic approach solving real-world problems to gain knowledge and skills. Through this learning experience,  you are able to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Our goal into building Project Based Learning is to make you skillful to fulfill your career goal.

How will this program be executed?




Project Based Learning


Skill Assessment

Students will apply the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) standard in a provided data set to understand the process behind starting a new project. We will recommend individual students to tackle different aspects of CRISP-DM that need more practice in, such as visualization, data understanding, or modeling.


End-to-End Development

Students will undertake a new project from start to finish. This project will allow students to demonstrate their skills in data acquisition, data cleaning, data enrichment, modeling, evaluation, and deployment.


Your Own Data

As a third project, theDevMasters encourages students to bring their own data in their chosen domain for additional mentoring. Since these projects might entail more opinions & guidance, theDevMasters will proceed to transfer the third project over to the Mastermind group.

Who is taking a leap in data science learning?

  • Career Switcher
    In need of a new skill to arm them self for the better opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancer
    Master the skill and leverage themselves in the chosen field.
  • College student
    Learn hands-on experience and fill the gap between school and real demand.

Takeaway from this program

  • Hands-on learning and real life projects
  • Skill improvement to 9 out of 10
  • With 100% in-person instruction from the experts in data science
  • Well-networked in our data science community
  • Get certificate and the help on job recruitment
  • Build personal GitHub showcase as portfolio


Please contact us for acquiring the date in the following months.