Project Based Learning

Learning by doing


What is Project Based Learning Program?

Project Based Learning is a dynamic approach solving real-world problems to gain knowledge and skills. Through this learning experience,  you are able to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Our goal into building Project Based Learning is to make you skillful to fulfill your career goal.

How will this program be executed?


Step 1


The applicants will be measured by a skill test followed by an interview. The candidate who does not have the programming background in using python and data science. We highly recommend you to take our Data Science Applied Labs program. ​( ​

Step 2

Project Based Learning

We have cooperation with Einstein Assembly, our data science consulting group ( You will be presented with 3 more projects to select from, and we will give you a choice of selection a business domain you would like to experience in data science. The length of the program is about 4 – 6 weeks and it depends on your speed of delivery the project back to us.

Step 3


Final project presentation in Einstein Assembly group and a completion certificate issued by theDevMasters.

  • Project 1: Real project with Einstein AssemblyYour involvement in this project will be 70% and our mentor involvement will be 30%. We will give you 100% feel of a project at the execution level. We will hold your hands to complete this project. We explain every steps concept and the decision made during execution of this projects. You will have final submission and review with our mentors. You will create a Github account and keep this project for your sharing with future employers and partners.
  • Project 2: Understanding project from data scientist point of viewYour involvement will be 80-90% and ours will be 10-20%, depends on case to case basis. We will help you to understand the project business domain, data engineering execution, data visualization, data mining technique, and build a predictive model in machine learning. During this process, you will get ready for the next career goal and be mentored for job interview process. At last, you are going to prepare a final presentation of your project for our data science community.

Who is taking a leap in data science learning?

  • Career Switcher
    In need of a new skill to arm them self for the better opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancer
    Master the skill and leverage themselves in the chosen field.
  • College student
    Learn hands-on experience and fill the gap between school and real demand.

Takeaway from this program

  • Hands-on learning and real life projects
  • Skill improvement to 9 out of 10
  • With 100% in-person instruction from the experts in data science
  • Well-networked in our data science community
  • Get certificate and the help on job recruitment
  • Build personal GitHub showcase as portfolio
  • Possible opportunity hired as intern in Einstein Assembly ( which is a Data Science consulting company, also known as an Artificial Intelligence company specialize in Machine Learning


Please contact us for acquiring the date in the following months.