Data Science and AI Workshops

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This is open to everyone, no coding, statistic, or analytics experience needed.

Required: Any Laptop with 4GB RAM

No software package installation is required.

Join us for these upcoming in-person workshops:

  • Saturday, December 7, 2019 for Journey into AI Recommender Systems With Big Data, inside the Brandman Irvine campus.


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Matthew Langford testim
“I have a serious interest in learning Python and not just from a superficial level, but I would really like to become proficient. I walked into the class unsure of what Python could do for me, and I walked out with a deeper interest and sincere appreciation. Your Applied Labs class is great stepping stone into helping me achieve that endeavor. I definitely learned a lot of practical knowledge that I am taking back to my work immediately. Furthermore, all the fundamentals that I think are needed in order for one person to start on that journey and be successful with Python are available in the class. Both weekends were amazing! I definitely appreciate that it was on a weekend, as this allowed me as a working professional to take full advantage of the time to ask questions, get involved in the curriculum and truly learn.”
Matthew Langford
-Irvine, CA
 “After plodding along through various different online programs, I decided that I wanted some in person help, and instruction, and found Dev Masters. I ended up taking the Python Foundation Applied Lab, as well as the Python for Data Scientist Applied Labs. Both classes were lead by Jamie, and Arshad. While both classes were fast paced, all of the instructors were more than willing to help, and answer any/ all questions I had, and have even helped me out with projects that I was able to use at my actual job after the classes were completed. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning coding to try out Dev Masters!”
Ryan A.
– Newport Beach, CA
Pratibha Sundar testim
"Took the Applied Labs, “Python for data science” which was 4 days (2 days for python and 2 days for data science using python). The course covers python basics for people without a programming background. One of the good things about this applied lab is that they keep the audience low which enables them to adapt course content according to the crowd’s knowledge level in data science and programming. The instructors Jamie and Arshad were very helpful and guides you along the learning curve. They give support after the applied lab via email too. Also, one can attend a applied lab more than once and this is very useful. Even if a concept is not clear at the beginning, as we repeat the course, we understand it better. Overall, this applied lab is worth trying."
Pratibha Sundar
-Tustin, CA