Mastering Applied Blockchain

A Blockchain Expert is design with following goals

  • This program covers gap between Blockchain informational awareness to actual building skill in Blockchain technology. This is course cover real use case and application building process in Blockchain.
  • How to apply Blockchain technology at enterprise development needs
  • What is Cryptocurrency, What is Bitcoin, Concept, Technology, P2P Network, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoin Nodes, All about Bitcoins, Block Explorer, Forks, Variations, Trading and Vocabulary
  • How to apply Smart Contract using Ethereum platform. ERC20 Token Project
  • How to apply Solidity with uses case and projects
  • What is ICO, How it works, What is DAO, How DAO works.
  • How to lunch your own ICO, Platform, Contracts, Nodes, Networks
  • What is Mutichain, Uses, How to create a Mutichain block chain. Mutichain Strems,
  • PoE Architecture, Mutichain Node, PoE Web API
  • Hyperledger, Comparison between Fabric and other technologies, Fabric Architecture, Bluemix Launching Fabric Blockchain in Bluemix

Design for all levels expertise

Target Audience for Blockchain Applied Labs

  • Funding - Venture Capitalists, Angel & Seed Investors
  • Bankers Investment Banker, Consultant & Advisors
  • C- Level - CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO or any other CXO
  • Entrepreneur, De- centralized, App and Application Developers
  • Data scientist, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence professionals
  • Business Managers (Engineering & Management)
  • Software Architects, Developers, Programmers
  • Application Architects, Design, Code
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • Security Professionals, Administrators