Human Learning Driven by Machine Learning

Machine learning can effectively drive human learning by raising the capacity to learn.

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Human Learning Driven by Machine Learning


While there are many effective methods to teaching any curriculum, if you place a student in one method that benefits more from a different method, how will you know that was wrong or even more so, how do you know which method would be best for them, or combination suited? Enter human learning, real-time data driving machine learning, stemming from interactions between humans and the software medium chosen to teach them.


VentureBeat highlighted education as a very ripe field for data science, if not machine learning, to contribute to. The article writes: “As online and blended learning continues to grow, organizations that can creatively embrace the reciprocal relationship between humans and machines could have a competitive edge. They could also help redefine what it means to learn — for humans and machines.” Imagine what this could mean for days when you don’t feel like spending a whole two hours on a subject. The software will easily read that you are not in the mindset for it & effectively find a standpoint where you will retain the most amount of information without wearing you out! Not only, this is method has potential implications with individuals with special learning needs, disabilities that would hinder learning in a traditional environment.


While we might not be the next step to this type of research (human learning is as dense as it gets), we can certainly help you find the beginning stepping point to start, with our extensive data science boot camps. This type of data will be analyzed real time & the best of the best technology for results would be Splunk, covered in our day-long Big Data session. In addition, our programs do not drop you off in the middle of the curriculum without background built up: Python & several machine learning algorithms are taught prior to the Big Data session. For a syllabus, contact us today.


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