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Originated in 2009, Zest is a fintech software company that uses Advanced Machine Learning and advanced scale data analytics to help brands reach maximum financial heights. It works to make the machine learning technology safe to be used in credit underwriting. Zest enables banks and other lenders to offer transparent and more accurate short-term loans by using its advanced credit underwriting engine. This helps organizations to reduce risk, automate compliances, and increase revenue by enabling them to make real-time and informative decisions. This end-to-end technology platform aims at driving benefits faster for financial firms worldwide. Zest makes its technological platform available for all types of industries, enabling them to use data to make informed and smarter underwriting as well as business decisions.

Usage and Industries

Zest enables lenders all around the world to deploy powerful credit models efficiently. It is used for the following:

  • Data Processing
  • Modeling
  • Documentation
  • Deployment
  • Support Zest helps the following industrial sectors in credit underwriting.
  • Banks - identifies new borrowers and mitigates risk
  • Credit Unions - offers personalized services to customers
  • Specialty Lenders - gains a more accurate picture of borrowers.


Here is how benefits businesses across the globe

  • Businesses can make better, faster, and transparent decisions in terms of borrowing, lending, migrating, and analyzing risk.
  • Business teams can easily learn machine learning even if they don't have a technological background.
  • Zest can make your lending software more powerful and data integrations more valuable.
  • Users can easily understand the features of their datasets by tools that automate exploratory data analysis.