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Viv is an intelligent personal assistant software generated by the creators of Siri. Equated to Siri, the software's platform is open and can adapt peripheral plug-ins transcribed to function with the assistant. It can also grip more complex queries. Viv is an open-source artificial intelligence platform exclusively planned for both consumers and developers and intended at inserting a single casual interface in everything. This twin emphasis is also what fascinated us to choose Viv as the best AI-powered candidate. It can integrate with Samsung home applications, wearables, as the model of linking up technology changes to intelligent interfaces. Viv has a refined comprehension of natural language and artificial intelligence. It has the prospective to function as an independent company for Samsung and its platforms, providing us custom-made, conversational, and relative dealings with technology.

Usage and Industries

Viv is a global stage that allows originators to craft an intelligent, conversational interface to everything. It is the meekest approach for the world to intermingle with devices, services, and things universally. Viv will offer a truly open platform and marketplace that permits any developer to outspread Viv's competences with new functions. Thus, Viv is an enormously scalable AI manifesto that will acquire as our community of users develops. The extra that you ask Viv, the extra it will be familiar! Viv is now self-confident to convey our idea of a new kind of user interface to the world on an international scale as the new Bixby.


Viv greets as the artificial intelligent interface for the whole lot. It also became fairly evident that Viv is more authoritative than Siri. Not like maximum short-term-memory platforms, Viv knobs follow-up questions like a professional. The artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant would ask you follow-up questions just like a real human subordinate would ask. Viv has very exceptional proficiency in integrating several domains, like merging weather facilities with travel or restaurant bookings with car addressing services. Viv was constructed by offering an emphasis on both consumers and developers.