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About Arimo

Arimo was established by Steve Matteson as an advanced, revitalizing sans serif enterprise that is rhythmically well-matched with Arial. Arimo provides enhanced on-screen readability features and the pan-European WGL character set. It explains the requirements of developers viewing for size compatible fonts to access document handiness across platforms. Arimo Behavioral AI acquires from past behaviors and forecasts future actions taken. It offers superior business outcomes. You can easily prevent fraud and identify the suspicious transaction to stop before their occurring by effectively bringing machine learning with Arimo. Its behavioral AI interface built on innovative machine learning architectures that mine signals from big, massive data. So, you can employ Arimo to forecast the future of your business by growing profits faster than your competitors in the market.

Usage and Industries

Arimo can formulate your enterprise brain by providing the world’s most novel behavioral artificial intelligence solutions. It unleashes the potential of big data with minimal effort within days, not months, and even creates brand-new services for your customer. The goal of Arimo is to provide innovation along with creativity. The team of Arimo contains executives with significant engineering practice. They have detained senior positions at Google, Amazon, and Intel, etc.

Why Arimo

  • It provides native time-series data modeling.
  • Arimo reads the past and foretells the future by its artificial behavioral intelligence.
  • It offers automatic pattern recognition and minimalistic featured engineering.
  • It gives you scalability through optimized distribute computing.
  • It can efficiently work even with terabytes of data.
  • It acquires complex interaction configurations in a very high dimension.
  • It can uplift revenue and launch new services by uncovering vital value for your organization.